We specialize  in water and fire side repairs on all types of boilers. All our work gets certified in accordance with government regulations by a 3rd party Accredited Inspection Authority.

We supply a wide range of gasket materials and encapsulated o-rings for different applications and processes .

We offer preventative and proactive  maintenance to our customers to reduce the risk of a breakdown. High pressure boiler cleaning services and sandblasting. We do energy audits to increase steam efficiency. Overhauling of all types of valves

We overhaul all types of valves including singel and doubel acting valves for processes. We stock a variety of valves including valves with blank flanges that we can drill to the correct pitch circle diameter (pcd).Look at our gallery to see our late

We do energy audits, troubleshooting on steam traps, steam plant design and specifying steam equipment

We help our customers to reach there production goals by assisting our customers with resources during shutdown periods.Our qualified artisan staff can work independenly or in a team to meet deadlines ,most of our artisan have FMCG work experience on

We buy and sell used boilers for customers production requirements.We convert boilers for different fuel applications eg.from COAL to LPG(gas),  HFO to COAL, COAL to HFO, HFO to LPG, etc.        

We do boiler cleaning and sandblasting